A great festive bake these moist chocolate brownies contain beetroot to give it a smooth tasty texture and a great way to incorporate vegetables in sweet bake.

Why not try this delicious moist loaf topped with a chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Why not try this delicious fruit loaf makes a great bake for an afternoon tea.

A delightful simple scone recipe, perfect for a spot of afternoon tea served with some cream cheese and passionfruit.

The ultimate pudding made with vegan croissants and a great dessert for any occasion.

A dessert for every occasion, banana and cherry mini crumble pots.

Why not try these savoury spiced pancake stack made with pumpkin puree, masala and onions served with a red pepper chutney.

A delicious bite that will make you want to make more of these.

Find any excuse to bake this delicious cake for any occasion using fresh plums and juicy cherries.

Why not have a slice of pizza. This is a great simple pizza recipe packed with veggies and plant based protein.