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Hi there and welcome to Gopi’s Nourishing Recipes. My full name is Gopika Chandratheva but you can call me Gopi. I have always had a keen interest in nutrition, health and wellness. I come from a family where food plays a centre role and I was brought up with home-cooked delicious nutritious meals. My inspiration comes from my family.

I have a BSc in Nutrition and am a registered nutritionist RNutr with The Association For Nutrition and work in the community for the NHS in public health. I also work with nationwide food brands and food magazines creating simple nourishing recipes and work at the London Obesity Clinic specialising in weight management.

With over ten years experience in the nutrition field, my love for developing recipes grows each day. The kitchen is my favourite place and I love to inspire others and to be inspired by others.

Health Is Wealth

My ethos is to eat all foods without restrictions and everything in moderation. A healthy mind, body and soul not only comes from good nutrition but also sleep, exercise, your mental wellbeing and rejuvenation.

I love to keep fit with yoga, walks, strength training and meditation to relax the mind.

My recipes are super simple, nourishing and quick. They are so easy to try, I really hope you find this website useful and watch out for what’s to come.

I absolutely love creating recipes. Running cooking sessions at work really drove me to develop and create nourishing recipes – and I love using Instagram as a platform to share my passion and nutritional knowledge.

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