Why not whip up these mini fritter style burgers full of vegetables, flavour and spices, served with a spicy coriander chutney.

A twist on these brownies and you wouldn’t even know some hidden vegetables- courgettes have been added to this bake. Also made with oats for that extra fibre and texture.

Keep calm and eat scones- These savoury batch of cheesy scones served with a tomato chutney are simply delicious.

These devilled eggs make a tasty nutritious snack and great as a canape or picnic bite.

A great little snack made with oats and mixed seeds.

Fancy a different kind of hummus? Why not try this plant based hummus using spinach, butterbeans and coconut yoghurt.

These nourishing bars are packed with goodness and a simple snack recipe to whip up.

Why not whip up some delicious muffins with left over bananas.

Spicy fritters made with sweet potato a great little bite served with an aubergine dip.

Baking made easy with these moreish biscuits full of flavour and spice.