A quick and easy meal made with plenty of vegetables and plant based protein.

A nourishing vegetable Thai curry made with plenty of vegetables and flavoured with coconut milk.

This is the most simple lunch or dinner recipe full of fresh flavours and authentic ingredients.

A simple comfort meal made with a creamy bechamel sauce and a lovely family recipe.

A delicious Sri Lankan style curry made with coconut milk and plenty of spices.

Try this nourishing plant based dish traditionally made with eggs.

The ultimate one pot meal, a family feast, lasts for a good few days, a pack lunch option and a great meal to freeze.

For those whole like pasta then try this great family feast meal containing vegetables, plant based protein and spices.

Fancy a spicy curry then try this plant based dish made with frozen squash and spinach.

Why not have a slice of pizza. This is a great simple pizza recipe packed with veggies and plant based protein.