We often get caught up in life’s daily chores, rushing from one place to another, combating the stresses of our day to day tasks and juggling everything. COVID-19 has definitely had an impact on our mental health but at the same time given us an opportunity to stop and reflect. Here I share some useful tips that have helped me to have a positive outlook on life and how to feel more content with yourself.

Replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations. It’s easier said than done, but what I have noticed is as soon as your mind starts to worry or thinks the worst it affects our health – impacting on our sleep, appetite and general function of day to day tasks.

Reading something positive whether it’s a book or quote can alleviate the way we think, focusing on the present moment and realising that some things are out of our control. So, worrying will only make us feel worse affecting us internally and externally. Instead learning to accept the situation and being in the moment can shift our focus.

Being more in tune with nature, getting some fresh air can clear our thoughts and give us a break to process everything. During lockdown I have purchased some room plants and my mood has been lifted, simply nurturing them and seeing them blossom has provided a sense of calm and beauty. Why not try keeping a plant in your room and see the benefits it can have on your overall mood.

The power of meditation and mindfulness can improve your breathing, calm your nerves and can help you focus on the present moment. I have found daily meditation practice in the morning and evening has certainly impacted me in a positive way and I feel a sense of inner peace and contentment. Whenever I become stressed, I focus on my breath, breathe slowly in and out and I have noticed the difference in my sleep and energy.

Practicing gratitude certainly has benefits. When you take time to practice gratitude and think about things you are thankful for, you tend to experience a more positive outlook, feel more energised, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness. Whether you write down 3 things you are grateful for in your journal or simply think about them in your thoughts it can have a profound effect on your mood. It can be as simple as getting out for some fresh air, speaking to your friend- whatever it is, note it down and you will feel so much better for it.

Including more colour in your diet and incorporating a variety of plant based foods not only gives us the nutrition our body requires but it can have benefits to our health whether its digestion, feeling more satiated, better sleep, more energy as well as focusing on eating all foods and not demonising any particular foods. A great place to start is applying The Eatwell Guide which shows what makes up a balanced diet. Why not try a new vegetable or fruit you have not tried before, and I find a lovely buddha bowl is a great way of incorporating plenty of colour.

Sleep directly affects our physical and mental health and when we don’t sleep it can have an impact on our weight, emotions, productivity, energy and really take a toll on our health inside and out. Creating a wind down routine can help calm our body in preparation for a good night’s sleep whether it’s a warm bath, reading, meditation, turning off your electronics, listening to some relaxing music/podcast and quieting the mind.

Do the things you love. During lockdown I have spent more time creating recipes which has given me time to focus on what I really love doing. I have had time to slow down and reflect and it really has given me a sense of contentment. Connecting with my friends and family has also helped me stay positive and even if it’s checking in on your friend and getting some advice, that social contact is so important. Remember you are never alone and help and support is always out there.

A healthy mind, body and soul is a great way of unlocking your potentials; and making one small change whether its drinking more water or going to sleep one hour early can really improve your health and wellbeing.

No one is perfect and it is ok not to be perfect, do what is best for and works for you. Self-care is important and taking time to look after your health can have profound benefits on your outlook in life.

Top Tips that have helped me:

Eating a colourful diet incorporating all foods The Eatwell Guide is a great place to start to ensure we are eating a balanced diet

Purchasing a diffuser Amazon have a wide range of diffusers and I love there range

Using essential oils I love Tisserand essential oils they are great for different moods and you can add a few drops into your diffuser

Room plants Plants can lift your mood and Crocus have a fabulous range of indoor plants to suit your needs

Daily meditation practice You tube have a great selection of short meditation videos to follow and they can really help guide you on how to meditate

Regular walks and exercise A breath of fresh air can do wonders and apps such as Active 10 can motivate you to walk more

Take up a hobby and spend time on activities you love and for me its cooking and creating simple recipes- Click here to discover more of my nourishing recipes

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Why not try my colourful Courgette Lentil Salad

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