Heaven on a plate. This is roasted peaches with toasted hazelnuts, coconut yoghurt and @benefitchocolate dark chocolate

This totally hits the sweet spot and yet at the same time is nourishing – don’t waste left over ripe fruit, use it to create something delicious instead!

• 4 ripe peaches
• 1 orange
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 1 bar dark chocolate
• 1 pot coconut dairy free yoghurt
• 1 cup of hazelnuts roughly chopped

Method 🌰
1 Pre heat the oven 200 degrees gas mark 7
2 Cut the peaches in halves and remove stone
3 In a pan squeeze a fresh orange along with vanilla and allow to simmer for a few minutes
4 Lay the peaches on a dish, pour the juice and bake in the oven until softened-20 minutes
5 Toast the hazelnuts with some vanilla extract until roasted.
6 Melt dark chocolate in a bowl
7 Serve peaches with topped nuts, drizzle of chocolate sauce and some coconut yoghurt. Yum yum yum!

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